Shipping Information

Shipping Dates

Please specify an approximate date you would like to receive your plants. We can ship anywhere in the country at any time of year, but the method of shipping changes with the season.

  • To the East: ZIP codes 0-79999. We can ship surface during all months except the hot ones. Surface shipment to the East can take 8-12 days but, because our plants are containerized, this has usually worked fine. During the hot months, from mid-June to late-September, we can ship safely to ZIPs beginning with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 only by AIR. Weather during these months can get too hot somewhere along the way for safe surface delivery.
    However, we can ship surface to some of the upper midwestern states, where UPS delivers no later than Friday if we ship on Monday. This means we can ship surface to states with ZIPs starting with 5 and 6 - MT, ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, and portions of WI and IL.
  • In Wisconsin we can ship to ZIPs beginning with 536, 537, 538, 540-549.
    In Illinois we can ship to ZIPs beginning with 600-619.
  • To the West: ZIP codes 80000 or over. We can ship surface or air any time of year. AIR shipping is best when it's very cold or hot, especially to Arizona and New Mexico.

Shipping Methods

Please indicate your choice of shipping method on the order form.

  • For ground, we'll use UPS.
  • For Air, we use UPS Select (3-day; 2-day service costs extra).
  • We're no longer able to ship via FedEx, except by special arrangement. If you only give us a PO Box, we'll have to ship by Priority Mail (Air rates). Parcel Post is no longer feasible.
  • Out of the country; call for special rates:
    • Alaska. USPS Priority Mail; at cost.
    • Hawaii. UPS (2-day), at cost - inquire (no Post Office)

Shipping Charges

Every year, UPS imposes substantial increases in their charges PLUS additional fuel surcharges AND numerous small extra charges (for everything from rural delivery to extra handling on larger boxes). We have mostly absorbed these increases. We try HARD to keep our shipping charges as low as possible.

Please see the shipping-rate charts for Tubes, Size1 (1-gallons), or Size5 (5-gallons) (by East and West ZIPs). These rates are as close as we can come to our actual cost for shipping and packing...we're sorry if they seem high. One reason it's higher is because of the large size of boxes required to ship our larger-than-competitors' plants. Another reason is the weight of transporting some "soil" & water (approx 7 lbs/Size1 (1-gal); 30+ lbs./Size5 (5-gal).

We truly believe, however, that by avoiding bare-rooting, you receive a much happier, healthier plant; one that will survive and grow far better in the long run (as many customers tell us).

East Coast Shipping Chart - Zip Code Under 80000

West Coast Shipping Chart - Zip Code Over 80000

In Case of Damage to a Box.

If your box appears crushed when it arrives, PLEASE DON'T REFUSE DELIVERY. Mention the damage to the driver, but accept the box and open it to determine any damage to the plants. Usually, the plant is flexible enough to sustain the blows without damage or with only minor breakage. Even if there is some damage, give the plant a chance to recover. There is a tremendous amount of energy stored in a bountiful root system, and most plants recover quickly. If there is considerable damage, or any amount that you don't feel comfortable accepting, please just let us know and we'll be glad to take whatever steps are necessary to make it right.

Discount for Large Orders (10 boxes or more)

We're no longer able to offer any reduction in shipping charges for large orders, so have decided to offer you instead a 10% discount off the cost of the plants. Ten boxes may be configured in any combination of Size1 (1-gal), 4 per box), Size5 (5-gal), 1 per box), or Tubes (25 per box). The surcharge for tall plants still applies.

Large Orders via AIR

Please call. The charges will be based on how many boxes of each size are needed. We may not be able to calculate the cost, though, until packing is complete. Air shipping of large orders is generally so expensive, due to the volume of the boxes (which is how the cost is determined), that it is not practical.

Motor Freight

An alternative for large shipments or oversize plants is motor freight, which saves the labor of un-boxing the plants (they're placed on a pallet and secured by stretch-wrap), as well as the disposal (hopefully, recycling) of cardboard. Please call us for details.


If you wish to cancel, we'll really try to accommodate you (but there may be a 10% re-stocking charge). If the plants have already been shipped, you will be charged for the order. If you return the plants to us in sellable condition at your expense, your account will be credited for cost of plants only.

Re-routing of Boxes/Change of Destination

The shipping companies now charge us if packages are delivered to a destination address other than the one you have directed us to ship to; unfortunately, we will now have to charge you an additional $10 for each box re-routed at your request, or due to a wrong address provided to us.

Please call Monday-Friday between 9AM and 4PM Pacific Time (that's 12 -7 Eastern), phone number 541-846-7269. It's helpful if you can have your customer #, and the plant #s and names available when you call in an order, as well as credit card info.