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Pot Sizes

Tubes: Known in the industry as ‘band pots’ our tubes are 2" x 2" wide and 6" deep for woody plants and 4" deep for perennials. These smaller plants are much lighter to ship.  The plant tops can vary between 3" and 3', but are generally 6-18".

Size1: (1-Gallon) (6-7 lbs each) They are packed either singly or in boxes designed to snuggly hold 4 plants. Ordering in these increments saves on shipping cost per plant. We can, however, tape up to 4 Tubes into an empty Size1 (1-gal) pot, if you’d rather order 3 Size1’s and 4 Tubes. However, for the extra effort and time involved in packing and paperwork, we must charge an extra $6 (surface) or $10 (air) for this.

Size5: (5-Gallon) (30 lbs each) may be ordered singly and are packed 1 plant per box. It isn’t safe to combine other size plants in a Size5 (5-gal) box.

Shipping Boxes