Orders & Payments


We really appreciate your order! You are welcome to order plants now for shipment later. We reserve your plants as orders arrive and will hold them in order to ship your plants at your requested date. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 541-846-7269! Please note that in the heat of summer surface shipping is not feasible to the East.

Paying for Your Plants

We take all major credit cards and rest assured, our site is secure! Your card won’t be debited until shipment.

If you prefer to pay by check, print a copy of your order and mail it with a check to 14643 Watergap Rd. Williams, OR 97544.

We are also more than happy to take your order by phone! Give us a call at 541-846-7269, 9am-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern. You can fax an order to us 24 hours a day at 541-846-6963

We will not ship C.O.D.


If necessary, refunds for unavailable plants are sent with your order.


Of the many plants that we grow, some appear only once or twice, but most cycle in and out… availability for any particular plant does vary.  A list of substitutes is definitely encouraged. If you order both tubes and size1, when necessary, we may switch sizes rather than disappoint you completely on a plant; it also helps to fill boxes most economically.

The Environment

We’re doing our best to help—we have been for 40 years! All of our materials are recycled and re-used when possible. Our specially-designed shipping boxes are made from recycled, non-bleached cardboard.  We believe that everyone needs to play a part in this effort.

WE ARE FORTUNATE (and certainly hope to stay that way!) in that we live in a part of the country that has not been found by most of the destructive insect and disease pests which are bothersome elsewhere: e.g. Japanese beetle, fire ant, pine shoot moth, gypsy moth, chestnut blight, oak wilt, etc., so we can ship to all parts of the country.

Our Customers

WE REALLY DO CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS: We love hearing from you, so please let us know your feedback on our plants or service. Our joy is bringing you an interesting selection of healthy plants. We sincerely want to provide you with the best service and plants possible.

A Bit of “LEGALESE”: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone (this will likely only be in the case of non-payment). Should payment take longer than 30 days, a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) may be added to the unpaid balance. If this account is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency, the buyer promises and agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and collection costs, even though no suit or action is filed. If a suit or action is filed, it is agreed that the site of such action shall be in Josephine Co., Oregon; the amount of reasonable fees will be fixed by the court. All orders are accepted at Williams, OR and are interpreted according to the laws of the State of Oregon.